Easy recipes for difficult days.

Hello. Welcome. Here you’ll find my tips on how  to eat just a little better. To nourish your soul and your body. Note: I am not an expert, not a nutritionist nor a dietitian.  I write down what I do at the moment. What works for me. ‘Works’ is any food that is not chips or chocolate. So my bar is set very low at this point. But the blog is also called: Life and its ways and at the moment this is the way.

As I stated in previous blogs I like food, I enjoy cooking. I find it exciting to find new recipes and so on and so forth. But this thing that lives with me for a while now, also known as ‘a depression’ doesn’t like food very much. It likes to munch on chips and chocolate. It doesn’t care about my heath either. It likes to keep me busy in my head, making me ruminate about things of a whole different order. When I finally snap out of it because my body is screaming for food or I feel sick due to lack of food, I need to take action.

Gabriel Gurrola

So, let’s imagine the best possible scenario here. Imagine some groceries are done (that is not a given, I know) and add to that that we have some clean pots and plates. We’re set and happy. Possibilities open up. I like to steam veggies. Because it’s easy. Not gonna lie here.

Steamed veggies

What will you need?

  • 4 potatoes. Peeled and cut in 4 parts.
  • 1 head of broccoli. Divide the broccoli into smaller broccolis or florets.  Or cauliflower. Also make it into those cute smaller things. Smaller flowers actually. Nice isn’t it?
  • 2 carrots, peeled and cut à la julienne
  • optional: (vegan) butter, salt, herbs

How to do it?

    • put the potatoes at the bottom of the steam insert, add the broccoli or cauliflower and top it off with the carrot ‘sticks’. Now take a small step back and looks at the nice colors in your steamer. You can add a smile or some love here.
    • cook a lot of water in the water cooker, add it to the pot. Wait until it starts boiling and put the ‘steamer’ on the pot. Put a lid on it and your timer on 20 to 30 minutes. Now is the time for you. Rest, relax, write or read a blog, stare out of the window, unwind ….
    • after 20’ check with your fork if everything is cooked. I toss all the veggies on a plate. Put a bit of (vegan) butter over it and some salt. When I feel fancy I use fresh herbs. I also bought dried wakame. I sprinkle those little green flakes over it to make it look more festive.
    • And that is it. Super simple. Easy ingredients and not too much effort.
    • Do you have more energy? More mouths to feed? You can fry a veggie burger of some sorts or whatever your hart desires. It will be enough for two. In a romantic mood? Add a candle to the table, dim the lights, distract him from the food and everything will be hunky-dory ♥

Do you have some super easy recipes to share? Please do! The easier the better. Thank you for reading, I hope you can appreciate my description of the basic things. You see, I try to work with what I have. I wish you a nice day!


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