The winding road of therapy.

As I was looking through my posts of last October I saw that it was then when I decided to write my experiences with therapy down. I did that for quite a while and I’ll link the other parts of my journey below. I stopped writing because the therapy discontinued due to Corona at the … Continue reading The winding road of therapy.

How to combat tiredness?

Depression and stress can leave you exhausted. It feels like some sort of veil is being dropped over my brain and there is no way of reaching it, to put the ‘on’ button on on again. Last night I was so tired I forgot to close the tap in the bathroom before going to bed. … Continue reading How to combat tiredness?

Mindfulness meditation, a cure-all for everybody?

Something about the roots of meditation. There are many different forms of meditation. Meditation itself is an ancient technique to calm the mind. It is practiced in Buddhism. The central figure in Buddhism is Siddharta Gautama[1]. In Buddhist tradition it is believed that he was a young prince, destined to become the king of a … Continue reading Mindfulness meditation, a cure-all for everybody?