The winding road of therapy.

As I was looking through my posts of last October I saw that it was then when I decided to write my experiences with therapy down. I did that for quite a while and I’ll link the other parts of my journey below. I stopped writing because the therapy discontinued due to Corona at the … Continue reading The winding road of therapy.

Meditation, you’re doing it wrong!

That’s what I thought last year, when I made an attempt to sit still on my mat. It was supposed to help me with my depression. And it didn’t. What now? As I explained in a previous post, there is a difference between alone-less-ness and solitude. As my mind became more quiet with the help … Continue reading Meditation, you’re doing it wrong!

Bits of my story – How to deal with gaslighting?

This post is a follow up of yesterday's post about gaslighting. I explained some characteristics and told some of my story. Today I'll share what helped me to cope with the difficult relationship with my mother. From CleanPNG Remain defiant. I studied psychology to have a better understanding of how people and families work. I … Continue reading Bits of my story – How to deal with gaslighting?