REBLOG: Breath therapy and life coach camps may cause serious psychiatric problems, experts say — Everything Relationship CC | Clarity & Conversation

I found this interesting post and wanted to share it with you. It expresses the way I feel about the topics discussed.

#instructive insight for every kind of relationship ISTANBUL – Demirören News Agency Medical experts warn against breath therapy and life coach camps, saying that serious psychiatric problems may arise. While these so-called trainers, who do not have any psychology or psychiatry education, promise to save people from their problems, experts say, these breath therapy and […]

via Breath therapy and life coach camps may cause serious psychiatric problems, experts say — Everything Relationship CC | Clarity & Conversation

6 thoughts on “REBLOG: Breath therapy and life coach camps may cause serious psychiatric problems, experts say — Everything Relationship CC | Clarity & Conversation

  1. I have an acquaintance who is a life coach, and she is bright and on top of everything, a type A personality and Perhaps OCD. (my opinion) when I was talking at a get together with a friend and this person and her partner it was sort of like oh if you just get up and go for a walk and think positively you can change the way you are feeling. They have pretty pictures and inspiring quotes on their facebook page. They make scented quality candles and body and face creams. Sounds like I am a bit jealous. they are amazing high achievers. Yet if I really could get up and do it and look at inspiring quotes I would be healed! Tried all this in my younger years, and all that happened was I actually pushed the reality back in deeper. Rather than deal with the feelings emotions I was wanting to share I pulled away, and moved. Though you can not run from your own emotions and feelings, or you do what I did You break. I only know that I have seen several so called therapists and counsellors over my lifetime, and it was only when I found my psychologist that I have become less broken, and well will never be who I was before and that to me is a really positive thing. I will be ME. who I should have been allowed to be.

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    1. Your comment puts in words what I mean. I think coaches can be helpful, also making your own creams and yoga and meditation. But you need to turn to the right professional for you. A good life coach knows what problems they can handle and what not. I do some meditation and I listen to Buddhist talks and the first thing that is said is; if you are clinically depressed, go and seek professional help. Take your medication.
      I tried all the other things too, resulting in me blaming myself more because ‘why don’t I feel as happy as the picture when I do the affirmations?’ You’re right, you cannot run from you. With the right help at the right time we can grow into ourselves. I’m happy for you that you are YOU 🙂

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  2. Hi Kacha and Tazzie, I get your comments, really I do. Life coaching isn’t for everyone and like Tazzie said, ‘we can’t just get up and go – for a walk or whatever’ – if we could, we would. Do they really think it’s mind over matter? Of course, as you said Kacha, there are good life coaches but if you’re clinically depressed you need mental health professional support.

    I did respond to the original blog post with the following: While I agree that some ‘so-called trainers/life coaches, who would not have any psychology or psychiatry training’, psychological studies have revealed breathing practice to be an effective non-pharmacological intervention for emotion enhancement (Stromberg et al., 2015), including a reduction in anxiety, depression, and stress (Brown and Gerbarg, 2005a,b; Anju et al., 2015).

    I’ve used it in my role as a mental health nurse, ward manager and CBT practitioner when I worked in a Day Hospital. Our Psychiatrists referred patients to me and breathing exercises always proved useful when helping with anxiety and panic attacks in particular. However, I agree that it should only be practised by trained practitioners.

    I think the breathing exercises are just one of the tools a mental health practitioner would use, along with other appropriate tools.

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    1. Of course breathing is very good! I’m a big fan!!
      In all seriousness I published the article against snake-oil-salesmen. I’m not against breathing or yoga or camping or those things. Problem arises when the context is not clear. When used together with therapy it’s fine, used without therapy for people who don’t need therapy, fine but people who are vulnerable already can’t be lured in with promises they are not equipped to keep nor deliver.
      Everything has its time, place and purpose.

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  3. yes life without breathing is not seriously though breathing is great help with anxiety. If I can manage to be aware of it if I am struggling with a trigger it is very helpful.

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