What is self-compassion?

What is self-compassion? Self-compassion is not very different of feeling compassion towards others. Dr Kristin Neff [1] describes its components.   1. Recognizing suffering. First you need to recognize suffering. This first step is quite difficult for me as I was raised to ‘work through it’ and to ‘keep my chin up’. The question I … Continue reading What is self-compassion?

Childhood Trauma – Getting Help.

  Getting help; why wouldn't you?   People who have experienced trauma may also struggle with getting help. One of the most common outcomes of trauma is avoidance. One because you may not even be aware that something from the past can influence you and your health that much; trauma has the characteristic to tuck … Continue reading Childhood Trauma – Getting Help.

Childhood Trauma – health conditions.

  Early childhood trauma is a risk factor for almost everything, from adult depression to PTSD and most psychiatric disorders, as well as a host of medical problems, including cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and stroke, cancer, and obesity.   What changes can occur due to trauma?   Behavioral changes resulting from trauma. People … Continue reading Childhood Trauma – health conditions.

Childhood Trauma – the ACE-study.

  Understanding Trauma in Childhood - Exposure and risk; the ACE study.   The ACE-study itself. Initially the 'Adverse Childhood Experiences Study' or ACE-study was conducted by Vincent Felitti. He wondered why so many people did drop out of his losing weight program despite successfully losing the weight[1]. He discovered that a majority of 286 … Continue reading Childhood Trauma – the ACE-study.