My road to recovery.

Let’s talk about recovery. What is it and how does it show in your day-to-day life. Because I feel like that is what it is, a constant trying to keep balance and to make progress without that being the utter and only goal. I need to have goals and I need to watch how many … Continue reading My road to recovery.

Unsolicited advice and depression.

INTRO: ‘Exercise.’ One hot topic. The advice went a little like that: ‘It would be a good thing for you to exercise’ Me: ‘I know, but I don’t feel like it. I’m too tired. Just thinking about moving makes me exhausted.’ How moods influence decision making processes is the domain of affective neuroscience [1]. Your … Continue reading Unsolicited advice and depression.

Perfectionism: How does it work and how does it develop?

Perfectionism; how does it develop and how does it sustain itself? Perfectionism often starts with low self-esteem. The paradox is that perfectionists are hardworking and do achieve a lot. But the starting point is that the person feels really low. Perfectionism is there to cover up the gaps. Very high standards are imposed on oneself … Continue reading Perfectionism: How does it work and how does it develop?