Fun with Psychology – cognitive biases.

What are cognitive biases? A cognitive bias is a systematic pattern of deviation in judgment. Individuals create their own "subjective reality" from their perception of the input. An individual's construction of reality, not the objective input, may dictate their behavior in the world. Cognitive biases, however sometimes useful, may sometimes lead to perceptual distortion, inaccurate … Continue reading Fun with Psychology – cognitive biases.

Childhood Trauma – the ACE-study.

  Understanding Trauma in Childhood - Exposure and risk; the ACE study.   The ACE-study itself. Initially the 'Adverse Childhood Experiences Study' or ACE-study was conducted by Vincent Felitti. He wondered why so many people did drop out of his losing weight program despite successfully losing the weight[1]. He discovered that a majority of 286 … Continue reading Childhood Trauma – the ACE-study.

Bits of Psychology – rumination and its consequences.

  Yesterday we took a deep dive into what rumination actually is. It is one of the symptoms of depression among other mental illnesses.   We defined rumination as a form of perserverative cognition that focuses on negative content, generally past and present, and results in emotional distress[1]. It’s getting stuck thinking about everything that … Continue reading Bits of Psychology – rumination and its consequences.