Review ‘The *more or less* definitive guide to self-care. (Anna Borges).

I ordered this book thinking that it was really written for me. I struggled with self-care and ran out of ideas what to do when I needed my ‘down-time’. Plus extra options are always welcome. Find The more of less definitive guide to self-care on Goodreads. Image from Goodreads. First of all, this book looks … Continue reading Review ‘The *more or less* definitive guide to self-care. (Anna Borges).

Meditation, you’re doing it wrong!

That’s what I thought last year, when I made an attempt to sit still on my mat. It was supposed to help me with my depression. And it didn’t. What now? As I explained in a previous post, there is a difference between alone-less-ness and solitude. As my mind became more quiet with the help … Continue reading Meditation, you’re doing it wrong!