Just give me a break! 50 ways how …

With the weekend almost knocking on your door, it’s time to relax. Maybe you made plans, maybe you’ll looking forward to all the things you will be doing. Maybe your weekdays are full with activities, duties, chores and well, just ‘things’. I’ve got 50 strategies to help you snap out of a busy life.

Have a look at what you can do to take a break and built in a moment of rest. A moment for yourself, doing something completely different. Maybe you’re having trouble to turn your brain off or to stop ruminating. These ‘tips’ are just fun ideas meant to inspire you. Let me know if you like them and if you’re willing to try one out. What would be your number one?

50 ways to take a break.

  1. Sing. Sing your favorite song out loud (maybe not when you’re in the office) or put your song on and sing along. This counts for a great, quick break.

2. Dance. Put your favorite song on and move, even in your living room, shake that booty, move those arms and don’t forget to smile.

3. Give yourself a hug because … why not?

4. Do some stretching, wiggle your toes. Make rounds with your nose in the air or make small circles with your wrists.

5. Phone a friend. Out of the blue. Ask them how they are or text them, or mail them. Just let them know that you care.

6. Have a drink. A cup of tea or coffee. Enjoy a fresh glass of water. Don’t just drink it, but enjoy it. Take that break.

Image from Freepik.com

 7. Write a list of your favorite feelings. Pair activities to them. Let those ideas sit for a while.

8. Read a poem. Or write a poem.

9. Doodle. Just doodle away with a blank mind.

10. Jump. Maybe not for 5 minutes straight but have you ever tried to rope skip for a minute? It will get your heart rate up for sure!

11. Snack on some fruit. Let the vitamins nourish you.

12. Make a playlist for anything you like. Whether for work-out, cleaning , sleeping or relaxing, a new tune is always welcome.

13. Look up a project that you would really like to undertake. Browse for some new recipes, knitting projects or gardening tips. Maybe you’ll find something that excites you.

 14. Meditate or do breathing exercises.

15. Take a tennis ball to massage the bottom of your feet. This can do wonders.

16. Pull some weeds from the drive way.

17. Take a walk in your garden or enjoy the view through your window. Look at the clouds, they are unique.

18. Tell something funny or secretive to your pet. When you don’t have a pet, tell it to your plant.

19. Play with your pet. Throw some balls away or find a really good stick, if you have a dog.

20. Take a relaxing shower or throw yourself a bubble bath party.

21. Put on that eye shadow or lipstick that is been sitting waiting for you.

22. Water your plants and really look at them. Maybe they are there forever without you noticing them anymore.

Image from CleanPNG.

23. Make your own list with favorite breaks. Keep it in a place easy accessible when you’ll want to use it. Share your tips in the comments if you like.

24. Visit a new blog, leave a nice comment.

25. Declutter one drawer.

26. Have a quickie or masturbate

27. Close your eyes and listen to sounds that you didn’t notice before. 

28. Solve a crossword puzzle. You can do this also with a friend. 

29. Go for a ride on your bike. It doesn’t have to be very far or all planned out. Let your intuition guide you.

30. Go for a walk and take your camera/phone with you. See if what you see through the lens is different than what you see every day. Snap a picture and make a memory.

31. Read a book. Immerse yourself in it.

32. Pamper yourself. Give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure. No need to rush things.

33. When tired, take a nap.  

Image from CleanPNG

34. Pet a furry friend.

35. Look at yourself in the mirror with the greatest self-compassion. Smile. Your deserve this.

36. Find nice pictures and make a mood board, a collage or make it visual what you want.

37. Plant something, that can be flowers in the garden, re-pot a plant or keep herbs on your balcony. Get your hands dirty and get in touch with the earth.

38. Just stand outside and feel the wind, rain, sun or snow on your face. Be in the moment.

39. Repair something broken, give it a new cycle of life. Think about that button that needs to be sowed on or maybe there is that frame that needs to be fixed. Everything deserves a second chance.

40. Lie or sit comfortably and take deep breaths. Notice your belly rising and falling.

41. Play a board game.

42. Unplug for a while and disconnect from technology. See what that does to you.

43. Bake something. It can be only for yourself as a form of self-care. I got this idea from Ceridwensilverheart from Illuminating the Fools Mirror. Thanks for the tip!

44. Make something really healthy to eat. Let the nutrients fuel you.

45. Download an app and work out with it. There are a lot to choose from, longer or shorter work outs, some are more though and others are gentle. There is really something for everyone out there.

46. Take out some paint or pencils or what you want and create a nice painting, drawing, a card, …

47. Look for fun DIY’s on the net but please keep it real between all the bullsh*t that is available!

48. Scroll through Pinterest or even better, make your own beautiful pins with Canva. Fun guaranteed and it’s a mindless activity.

49. Play some badminton in the yard or ping pong at the dinner table. Clear the table first!

50. Go out for a cigarette break. Or don’t. Quit. Like me, today. Use the other 49 tips and wish me luck!

17 thoughts on “Just give me a break! 50 ways how …

  1. Some great inspiration here – I think it really helps seeing so many ideas together here like this, it feels like there’s lots to choose from. I like snuggling up with a cuppa tea and a good book. I haven’t doodled for ages but I’d like to get back into a bit of art (I just suck at it), and I’ve wanted to get a bike for a long time but I haven’t, so maybe that needs to go on my bucket list. Crosswords are fab too!

    I hope you can take your own great suggestions and advice when you next need a break.🤗
    Caz xx

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Four days is a great start and I wish you well Kacha.

        Me? I have to admit I’m vaping and it’s been three weeks now 🙂 I’ve even managed to go down two strengths in that time. I might always vape – who knows, but it’s way better than smoking. My home doesn’t smell, my breath feels much cleaner and I don’t stink of smoke in front of our grandchildren.

        I don’t miss cigarettes at all – the vaping makes it so much easier. I don’t believe I’ll ever return to cigarettes 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Lots of fun ideas on this list! I actually have tea breaks built into my routine. I drink one cup in the morning and one in the evening, and while I’m drinking I’m on break. Most of the time I read but sometimes I just sit and enjoy the view out my window or the taste of the tea. 😊☕

    Liked by 1 person

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