DIY Sweet & Sour Gherkins.

As I try to eat more what nature provides us with every season, I think it’s time to address the gherkins. I’ve been given roughly two kilos fresh-from-the-garden ones by my father-in-law who has a beautiful garden and a real feel for it. As I know people who eat them raw like a snack or toss them like that in a salad, I like mine to have some more flavor. That sweet and sour kick and crunch when you bite into them.

I decided to experiment a little with how to make them. I found the following super easy, low effort recipe that resulted in a huge success when presented to the father-in-law, who can be, let’s say, critical at some points. Is that something that comes with aging or was he always like that, I keep on wondering …

To make some kick ass sweet and sour gherkins you’ll need:

  • 1 kg gherkins (what a total surprise!)
  • 1 l + 1.5 dl water
  • 2 dl white wine vinegar
  • 1 ½ dl white wine (oh no, what to do with the rest of the bottle? It goes with the gherkins already…)
  • 75 grams of salt
  • 50 grams of sugar
  • 1 pepper, mustard seeds,  peppercorns, cloves, …herbs you like.

What you’ll need to do.

Cook 1 liter of water and add the salt to it until it’s dissolved. Put your gherkins in a large bowl and pour the water salt solution over it. Let that sit overnight. Done for the day! 😊

The following day, throw the water away and keep the gherkins. No need to rinse or anything. If you have a large glass container with a lid, you can put them there otherwise make them fit by cutting them up in slices. Not too thin though as they will fall apart. Put the slices in your jar.

Cook 1.5 dl water with the sugar, white wine, vinegar and the herbs. Let that cook for about 10 minutes. Pour it over the gherkins while it’s still cooking. Put the lid on and place them upside down to cool. After a few days they are good to eat.

The additional ingredients
Sugar, water and additions
Sliced gherkins in a jar, just a miracle waiting to happen!


18 thoughts on “DIY Sweet & Sour Gherkins.

      1. My wife taunts me with gherkins. You know how there are foods that you never tried, and you *will* never try? Just the thought of them is awful? Gherkins is one of those for me. You must have some, surely?

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      2. I don’t know about that because I think you need to taste everything once. I’ve eaten strange things in my life. I would try everything. What I really really don’t like is the taste of liquorice. I’ve tried to like it but it doesn’t gel with my taste buds.

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      3. Trying something and not liking it is perfectly understandable. This is just the thought of it being so terrible, you won’t even try it. I have it with gherkins, my wife has it with certain seafoods, mussels, oysters etc.
        I love liquorice, btw In fact, liquorice flavour Jelly Belly’s are the best! 🤣

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    1. No need for pardoning, a question is a question. By dl I mean deciliter. It’s almost 1/2 of a cup. Is it possible that you use other measurements? You can use Google to see what it corresponds with in the UK.

      I’ve got my gherkins from the garden. That’s why I needed to figure out something to do with them as they can be eaten raw but that is not for everybody’s taste.

      Gherkins look like small cucumbers but aren’t. They have a rough skin with small hairs on it. When you touch them, they prick a little, like a very soft cactus.

      I would ask about them in the local grocery/veggie store or a farmer maybe? I don’t know which kind of stores you have nearby of course.
      I haven’t seen them in the bigger supermarkets.

      I hope you’ll find them, let me know how they turn out.


      1. I’ve never heard of that. We do use litres and sometimes pints (like asking for a beer) and I sometimes go by cups, but that’s the American way, right?

        Ah, we don’t tend to see gherkins in our stores, I’d have to look around cos I love them pickled.

        We live in London so we don’t tend to have many farms around lol. But I will try to source them, and let you know 🙂

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      2. That would be cool! One decilitre is one 10th of a litre.

        That one thing I really don’t understand about the world, why won’t they make cooking measurements all the same around the world? Everybody has to eat!

        I wish you luck on your quest with the gherkins!

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      3. It would be so much easier for us all – I often have to go online to work out the correct measurement. The UK changed to decimal calculations in order to match the rest of Europe, when I was young and yet, we haven’t moved on lol. However, my boys and others have grown up with the decimal measurements etc and don’t know of UK pounds and ounces.

        I’ll keep you posted with the pickled gherkins.

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      4. 🙂
        When I worked at the café, years ago, a pound was 2.5 euro’s or 100 francs. It was ‘one pound for two beers’. It was a very local expression but we used it a lot. I have no idea why. So ‘the pound’ was pretty popular there 😀

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