I have a store but is it a scam?

When Corona arrived and it overstayed its welcome it became apparent that the face masks are going to be in our lives for a while. I mean a while.

Image from Teespring.com

I’ve been wearing those throw away masks but that made me sad for the environment. We got one from material from the government but as it is required to wear one every time you go on public transportation, every time you go into a store or visit a place where social distancing can’t be done.One isn’t going to cut it.

But Kacha, you’re ill and stay in all the time. Yeah think again, do you know how many appointments an ill person can have? The psychiatrist, the apothecary, the unemployment office and the list goes on. But I digress, what I’m saying is that I need to out a few times a week. So I wanted to have a fun mask but as I can’t sow very well, I started to look for masks on the internet.

Amazon takes the first results on Google but then in came ‘Teespring’ , where you can ‘design’ your own mask. Designing is a big word for it as you upload a cute picture, press ‘apply’ and there you go. You have designed your own mask. To order you pay the price of the mask itself, a handling fee and shipping costs. No problem there, you may think, but it is exactly where my problem started.

As I made some t-shirts and a tote bag for ‘Food.for.Thoughts’ I mean, how cool is that to have your own merch? I wanted to order a few items for myself for my birthday. As I recall well, I wanted the tank top, the tote bag and two masks. All said, chosen and added to the basket, the total was a big surprise. Why you may ask, as I set the price as low as possible. I needed to pay for shipping for every item. Only and only when you order two of the same kind, your shipping will go down. So, to be transparent: a golden face mask (for the upcoming festive season, I’m really a head of my game here) costs 8.99 euros. 17.98 for two masks plus 0.65 euros (handling fee) + 5.84 (shipping fee) makes 22.31 euros for two masks which seems to be a reasonable price if quality is good. So far so good. And 1 euro per mask goes to a charity. That is something that I like very much. Roughly 20 euros for 2 masks and 2 euros to a nonprofit organization to help feed children in need.

Let’s try my initial order. I wanted a tote bag with the logo of my site which comes in at 15.00 euros, a t-shirt with the logo (17.00) and a green leafy mask for 9.99. When I proceed to check-out this all will cost me the whopping amount of 55.44 euros. Did I miss something in elementary school?

Image from Teespring.com

I don’t know if I’m being frugal here but I’m used to pay for shipping one time per parcel. Unless like when you order something heavy at let’s say IKEA and they bring a new table with four chairs to the convenience of your own home. With IKEA you pay more when it’s a heavy package. You pay more one time, not per chair, keep that in mind.

Back to Teespring. 15 + 17 + 9.99 = 41.99 plus shipping [3.99x 3 (!)] + handling fee (up to 0.57 per item) = 55.44 euros! And that falls in the too expensive category for me. Although I really would like to have that tote bag …

You pay shipping costs per item that you buy. Is that the way things normally work?

What do you think about this? Are you surprised as well about the shipping fee or do you think that I’m overreacting here and that it is a reasonable price to pay because you have the liberty to design your own things. Which it very fun, I must admit that. Let me know in the comments please, as I’m still a bit confused.

My very personal opinion about it is, is that as you choose your own logo, colors etc, you become emotionally invested in the bag, mug, mask or umbrella and you think you want it more, which makes you throw money at it. You’re also invited to promote your own designs through your social media accounts. So actually, you are working for them by making promotion. On the other hand if you are good at it, you can ask a higher price and keep the profits. Did I mention already that it’s confusing to me? Over to you in the comments for your piece of mind. Do you have any experience with that brand? Is the quality good?

Note: As I am not thrilled about the whole experience, I guess I will remove my store soon. First I want to read your opinion on it, maybe I’ve missed the whole clue here.

24 thoughts on “I have a store but is it a scam?

  1. I haven’t tried that kind of thing myself, but I tried googling Redbubble, which does the same kind of thing. They also charge shipping per item, and say it’s because different items may be shipped from different places.

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  2. That’s expensive. I don’t buy things online because shipping is atrocious in Canada (coming from a Canadian POV, this is darn expensive). I’m gonna give this a hard pass. 😓

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    1. I’ve heard that shipping can be very expensive in Canada. It’s sad but it is what it is.
      I like the convenience of online shopping but all within reason. Thanks for giving your insight on this topic!

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      1. Once I spent $200 shopping online in one sitting. It’s very easy to overspend. I paid $15 for 5 reusable masks in store. To me this is reasonable. I’m willing to spend up to $10 on a mask but I refuse to pay shipping. I try to get free shipping wherever possible.

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      2. I always fall into the trap of free shipping, meaning I go and look for that one extra article to buy to get me to the amount of free shipping.
        I know it’s a trick but still ..
        It’s so easy to overspend online!
        15 for 5 masks is reasonable. 10 shipping included would be ok too but with a discount when you buy more.

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      3. $10 is almost as much as the product itself if the product is priced at $15. It’s like paying twice the price for the same thing b/c of shipping. This is why I don’t like shipping. I am that person who will buy that one extra thing so I don’t have to pay shipping. At least I’m getting a physical item that way instead of nothing.

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    1. Yes, too much shipping cost is a downer. Just when you think you’ve done the deal of your life, you end up with more than you were going to pay. It helps not to buy too much online though 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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  3. I used to love getting merch made when I was the publisher of a magazine. My best scheme was to buy pint glasses with our logo and bring them to every bar in town. They’re always breaking and chipping glassware, so they were thrilled when we’d bring in another 36 glasses.

    I think that this year, somebody needs to capitalize on the ugly Christmas sweater thing and make ugly Christmas masks a thing. Just send me my royalty.

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    1. Advertisement on glasses in a bar is priceless. And they always need new ones, that is very true.
      I think ugly Christmas masks will be a thing as well as other ideas. I’ll send you the royalty minus the shipping! 😁

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  4. They now sell the disposable ones in our stores but I bought two 10 packs from eBay for less than $10 a pack. I don’t throw them away each time but replace it every couple of weeks with a new one. The cloth masks are not as comfortable and they suggest you wash them. The disposable surgical mask was the second-most effective type. Reviews: https://nypost.com/2020/08/11/duke-university-face-mask-researchers-share-more-on-study/

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      1. You’re very welcome Kacha, I wanted to save you some effort. I tried fabric masks made by the Amish as well as a friend and it was a lot harder to breath in a supermarket for example. Not only that but with the surgical masks you can perform emergency dentistry if necessary. 🦷

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      2. Oh the poor creature! Necessity breaks all the rules though. 😱
        What about CPR, how we need to go about that? There is a lot to think about with COVID… Glad you shared the link, so that’s one thing less to worry about.

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  5. Yeah, there’s a web site I’ve used for similar things, vistaprint.com, and they nickel and dime the heck out of you. It’s a bad business model, in my opinion, because it often leads me to take my business elsewhere!! ugh.

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  6. Shipping on every single item? That sounds outrageous to me, particularly if they aren’t being shipped from separate locations and providers the way I’ll grudgingly accept from Amazon. And if they are doing that…Yeah, I wouldn’t be comfortable with that either.

    By the way, is that a picture of your Food.for.Thoughts merch? I love the logo!

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    1. Yes that is the ‘merch’ 🙂 I like it too so I wanted to order it but as you read my ‘complaints’ were stronger than the desire to have one.
      I’m glad you like it 🙂 You’re the first one with a positive reaction to it 😁

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