One year on WordPress!

Hello lovely followers and readers, how are you doing today? This date is special for me as it marks my one year being active in the WP-community. A year ago I published two posts that would propel me into a journey of blogging.

Those two posts were posted on the same day and gathered combined the total of 13 (!) likes. I remember that being very exciting times. Thinking about what message I wanted to convey – mostly to myself – and let’s be honest here, typing it all out and sending it into the world wide web for everyone to read, is exciting. Would anyone read it?!

Reflecting on the past year I can say from the bottom of my heart, ‘what a year that was!’ I started out posting quite carefully with the knowledge that ‘nobody’ was ever going to read my ‘ramblings’. I didn’t have a care in the world about that. Eventually this changed slowly. I did find like-minded people and was welcomed into a very accepting community.

September came and I started to post more frequently. I found that pouring my thoughts onto ‘paper’ was good for me. It gave me a reason to get up in the morning and made me feel less alone. I built my site bit by bit and by the end of the year I posted every weekday. I read my comments with pleasure. Oh I remember how thrilled I was with my first comment. That was a special occasion. I made friends in the blogosphere and everything was hunky dory.

I learned about blogging etiquette, found out which pictures you can and can’t use… Working with the classic editor was still a thing. In January I had my peak of views per post and I couldn’t believe it but I reached 200 followers. That was gigantic!

Picture credits, click here.

A bit before the pandemic hit things started to change on WP. I saw a decline in views but I also posted less because of, you know, life. I went from posting 5 times a week to maybe three and in July two to three posts per week. This month it became even less frequent. I have no idea how this will evolve but I’ve decided not to force myself and let the inspiration come when it comes. I’m not able to stick to a strict upload schedule right now.

When COVID-19 arrived, my initial thoughts were, that it would be great for blogging because during lockdown (if you hadn’t an essential profession) there was nothing else to do than to read and write blogs. But the atmosphere changed. The pandemic became thé topic to read and write about but for me it wasn’t relaxing but more anxiety inducing because of the limitation in subjects. Views changed and less comments came in. And this stays like that ‘till this moment. Earlier in the summer I’ve changed the course of the blog a bit in that way that ‘depression’ isn’t the unique topic I write about. That is also quite challenging to come out of ypour ‘niche’. How does one do that?

Thanks to the support and openness of the community I managed to write down more pieces of my life story, the building blocks that paved the way to depression. I don’t know if that is something that my followers like to read.

As for the course of my new year in ‘blogland’ I don’t have a ‘fixed’ idea what I will be writing about or what the frequency will be. Just by revisiting my old posts to do a ‘Thursday Throwback’ next Thursday off course, I noticed that my style of writing changed a bit. My posts became shorter than the initial ones. I think that is a good evolution as it doesn’t matter how much you edit your post, it will appear in tiny letters in the reader. I mean for real, it’s not comfortable to read at all! Anyone else agreeing with me on that one? It’s not that it’s really too tiny but more comfort for the eyes could be provided. Because of the small lettering, poor concentration and the amount of posts that I want to read, I tend to skip the longer ones. I’m sorry for those bloggers but since the layout changed, I’m discouraged to read longer posts. And yet, I’m typing a long post here. I’m a walking contradiction!

The second observation that I made was that, although I was really ill, my style of writing wasn’t that heavy. It was more ‘fun’ if you could call it that. More ‘me’. Somewhere along the way I became fascinated with research and focused too much on that imo. I want my fun ‘me’ back. Or more back. Between the research stuff.

I’ll end this long (against my own advice!) with the focus on my blog. Where I started out to write ‘solely’ on depression, I will change my subjects a bit. I wrote about estrangement in families and I feel that I’ll find other topics to address. I plan to revisit older post to ‘measure’ how far I’ve come in that year of blogging and what did change. So, the past has happened, the future is uncertain and all we have is the now. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading all of you, especially the people who are here since the beginning and a lovely welcome to new readers. Thank you for sticking with me!! Tell me, what are your opinions about WP and the blogosphere? Did you notice some changes? Do you use the Gutenberg editor and does that work for you? And do you know how to change the size of the letters in the reader so I don’t need my magnifying glass? I really hope that it is the editors fault and that it’s not a sign of me getting old!

20 thoughts on “One year on WordPress!

  1. Happy blog anniversary! The first year is such an interesting time of growth and evolution as a blogger. And it’s interesting the parts of you that writing tends to bring out. My lighter side is definitely more present on my blog than it is in the rest of my life.

    The start of the COVID outbreak was definitely a strange time in the blogosphere. I’ve noticed before that things seem to slow down in the blogosphere over the summer. It seems more pronounced this summer, not just on my own blog, but in the number of posts showing up in the Reader. Hopefully, things will pick up again in the fall, since it’s nice to have a thriving community.

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    1. Thank you!
      I guess I tend to overthink my blogging so that the lighter side snows under the more serious tone, that’s my hypothesis at least. I think it depends on my mood and I’m still ‘surprised’ to notice such rigidity. Time for a slight change!

      I agree that a community that is more thriving is more fun and more inviting to be a part of. I hope it becomes even better in fall!

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    1. That is much more advanced than the Reader. I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy here but there is room for improvement with the Reader.
      Otherwise I’m already one year very happy with WP 🙂

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      1. funny I just renewed mine last week. A lot of people I interact with don’t like the block editor, but I can’t complain because it is all I ever knew and I appreciate the possibilities.

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    1. In terms of comfort I prefer the old one. Because it was easier for me to handle and it resulted in a nicer result on my blog and in the Reader.
      But as long as I can write I’m actually quite happy and not fussing about it.
      I did hear that the Block editor is way more difficult to use for people who are visually impaired, so from that angle I believe WP needs to adapt some things.
      Which one do you prefer?
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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      1. I definitely prefer the Classic editor. They have a Classic block that’s supposed to replace it, but I can’t just insert a picture wherever I want without breaking things up into separate blocks. I’ll adapt, I suppose. Still, wrestling with the new editor delayed my last post by about two days. 😕

        That’s also distressing that it’s creating a smaller text in Reader. That’s not very friendly to any reader, let alone those with vision challenges!

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      2. That’s no fun that you can’t insert a picture. I tried to use the Classic block too and it didn’t display anything when I wanted to see a preview of the post, so I ditched that idea all together.

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