Some kind of book review – The Chestnut Man by S. Sveistrup.

If you like to watch series like ‘The Bridge’ or ‘The Killing’ this is a good summer read for you. The story enfolds in Copenhagen, when a young woman is found brutally murdered with one of her hands missing.

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In true detective style, there are two who doesn’t particularly like each other. The one is a burnout man and the other an ambitious woman. This isn’t that bothersome when reading and doesn’t add much to the story of the Chestnut Man which is the main lead here.

The horror doesn’t stop there, more killings are coming and an urge to catch the culprit before even more harm is done, sets suspense. The new cases provide evidence that points to a cold case. What the motive is and how the loose ends are connected, is neatly explained and did hide an element of surprise.

The book reads more like a script than a book. Short chapters follow each other up, each setting a cinematographic scene. Of course there are leads that go nowhere and others that keep their value while you discover what is really happening. I wouldn’t read the book for its  novel qualities but I would recommend it if you don’t mind  more of a script approach to writing.

Some scenes are quite graphic and not suitable for younger readers (imo!) but they do provide some thrilling to the reading, which I found pleasant. ‘October’ (alternative title) is an agreeable read for a careless summer or can provide a spooky theme throughout the Halloween season in off course, October.

If you want to compare it with its adaptation for the big screen, you can read it now and watch the series on Netflix (release date not known at the time of writing).

8 thoughts on “Some kind of book review – The Chestnut Man by S. Sveistrup.

    1. The Killing and The Chestnut Man are from the same author. The Bridge isn’t but it gives off the same atmosphere.
      I’m reading some non-fiction too at the moment so there will be a review on that one 🙂

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      1. I am “reading” one called The Underground Railroad. I had no idea but heard it was good. But it is a lot heavier than I thought it would be – a story centred around slavery in the Deep South – and I really wanted a few lightweight reads after the last big one. I just finished reading about a WW2 double agent called ZigZag which was quite interesting and an easy listen.

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  1. Sounds like just the right book for me! I just love crime fiction and I definitely want to read this one – especially because the writing style that you described seems to be very interesting. I have already bought 10 books that I just “have to read” so guess I should add one more to the list haha 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,



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    1. Oh wauw, I know the phenomenon of buying books that you ”have to read”
      In my case I have books from years ago that are still waiting for when the right time comes to read them.
      Which doesn’t hold me back from purchasing new ones 🙂
      I do give away the ones I’ve read though.

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  2. Haha same here! Except that I am unable to give away the ones I have read because they are my “babies” 😀
    In my case, I guess the weirdest thing is that I have a huge collection of German language books that “I will read once I improve my German skills” and well….I have been trying to improve them for the last few years :DD

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