Moving Day!

Last Saturday it was the big day of me moving my furniture into the new home. Finally! The plan was to do the great move somewhere in the middle or towards the end of March. And you know what? Corona swooped in. On the first day of lockdown, I gathered all my boxes, put them in my father-in-law’s big car and we drove off. Four months we lived between boxes. After the restrictions of lockdown went a little more loose, we contacted the moving company again and suddenly the prices went up. Who would have thought?

The first plan was to move on our own but there are also regulations of which cars are allowed into the city. So no way the older van we fixed was going to ride to my apartment without a big fine of 350 euros. Even hiring a moving company was cheaper!

We went through the same thing, I swear!

Due to my perfectionism everything was meticulously planned. Good old perfectionism came in handy for once. We had help of friends, so after an hour and a half all my stuff arrived at the new home. The sofa, table, chairs, closet all went where they belonged. My bed was supposed to fit through the stairs, it didn’t fit through the window and eventually got stuck somewhere between the first and the second store. With pain in my heart the guys needed to demolish it with the help of a saw to get it unstuck again. Guess who’s very happy now with ‘his’ bed in the garden?

The bbq afterwards was very fun and relaxing after such a long day and now I need to unpack all the stuff. At least I got my mattress upstairs and after 4 months I do have a closet!!

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27 thoughts on “Moving Day!

    1. Yes it feels like a stage that has been accomplished, finally.
      Now I need to deal with the internet provider, the electricity company and my landlord!
      Step by step.

      I love that scene from Friends too 🙂 Churro sends a high five to you and the piggies!

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      1. The only way I would normally know is if my reader makes a funny sound. For example, it can read “wrong” perfectly but wound have trouble with “wrnog”. It would say it strangely, in any case. It has particular trouble when confronted with web site addresses.

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      2. I see, our brains make up for things as ‘rwong’ but a computer can’t. But with web site addresses I can imagine! It isn’t fun to read them (mine at least) let alone hear them.

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  1. Wooohooo, it’s getting there! I worried so much when we last moved years ago about my bed getting out our old place and into the new one. I count myself lucky now that it went without any problems! 😂 We were looking at moving just before the pandemic hit, so it’s all on hold and we’ve no idea what to do now. It must be such a relief to be getting set up now, some furniture in, so you can start to settle.

    Caz xx

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    1. Finally yes! A lot of things got on hold because of the pandemic, with us we waited a month longer for our adopted dog and moving and actually everything.
      Now they are talking -where I live- about the 2nd wave!
      I would move if it’s possible again. We didn’t rush it, just waited it out. There is nothing you can do when in lock down. 🤷‍♀️

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  2. Wow! I admire folks with planning skills, because I am terrible with planning and stuff like this would absolutely cause me to freeze up. I hope you settle in soon and get a new bed!

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    1. Thank you! I freeze up when it’s not all planned as much as possible; I don’t think that’s any better in some cases. But now it came in handy 🙂
      The settling in is going really well but the bed needs to wait a bit. I can only do so much and I am still easily overwhelmed. So step-by-step.
      Thanks for your comment!

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      1. Step by step for sure! ❤ Oh I like plans so I don't freeze up, but I really struggle to actually break a task down into actionable planning steps. Fortunately my partner is good at planning, so I get him to ask me questions etc so he makes the plan for a task, I need to do, then I follow the plan 😛


  3. Ahh, moving can be such a hassle, but it is so satisfying and worth it by the end of it all! My family moves every two years because of my father’s job and I really don’t know how my mother does it either! The meticulousness really comes in handy, haha!
    And absolutely love that little clip of Churro! He looks like such a fun little pup!
    Wish you many happy memories in this new home!

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    1. Thank you so much Arshia, that is so very sweet of you! I will make fun memories, I promise 🙂

      Moving every two years, that is quite the job. Do you change schools every two years or do you move not that far? It doesn’t seem easy to keep friendships and social connections going.


  4. Ah, stairs. The constant nemesis of beds and couches. It’s times like that when I really wish we had teleportation technology.

    I’m glad you’re able to get fully settled in now! Everything looks so neat and tidy in your pictures. 😊

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    1. Thank you! Before I was ill, everything was super neat and sometimes very clean. I like to throw things away, make room for new projects. I was always busy making it more minimalist. Just owning the things you need, diminish the clutter and I hoped it would diminish the clutter in my head as well. That worked until a certain point.
      Now I’m more relaxed about it but as I don’t *love* cleaning that much I like to have everything put away in its place. It helps me to have an overview when I forget things!

      Teleportation technology would be so great! Especially for doing groceries 😂

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