15 thoughts on “Lets see if this works…

  1. Lol, I just did the same thing earlier! Yes, it works. But I’m not sure how good it is? And, like you, I put it on the top of a new post – it shows on that post but not in any other.

    I’m just going to check out your blog pages and I’ll get back to you,

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    1. Oh thank you! I’m wondering if it works at all. Hilary said here in the comments that she heard stories of people stealing content and claiming it as their own. I’m not sure if I would like that!

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      1. Crikey, I’m going to have to look again! Not sure if I can be bothered with all these new platforms – it’s lot of work and it’s been taking all my time. So I’m ignoring all that technical stuff for today and get back onto when I feel a bit better. Please keep me posted about where to put their link. Like you, I did it one page as it told me to?

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      2. I did that too and I think that’s enough. I see your posts but have no idea how to find mine. I only see them if I click on the link in this post. Not when I go directly to Bloglovin’. They should make it all a bit easier! Ain’t nobody got time for all that jazz!

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    1. Well I’m not sure yet. I should be a page that promotes your blog to non-WP readers.
      But I don’t worked out how it works. It seems to be a collection of blogs. You can follow them and you can link the WP-blog there.
      On the other hand I read here in my comments that stories were heard of people stealing content and claiming it as their own. I don’t want that either so I guess I’ll stick to WP like you. Thanks for checking it out!

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      1. When I moved from Blogger to wp, the attraction though was the single sign-on, So wp users could interact without needing to enter fresh credentials. Even though Blogger is Google, most people do not already have Google accounts because they are Apple users. Even other companies who hosted wordpress – to like/comment people would need to create a new login. That was why I chose wp.com in the end – just to go with the flow.
        Incidentally I heard some stories when I first joined wp.com about people ripping off content. Directly on wp.com. So it could probably happen anyway. I haven’t experienced it, though, nor has anybody said anything for ages.

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  2. I don’t really know what BlogLovin’ is except that it’s similar to Pinterest. I never did sign up for BlogLovin’ but almost did at one point…. I heard stories that the site steals people’s content and brands it as their own.🤭

    I’ll stick to WP for now. The reader is the [somewhat] reliable; occasionally WP will unfollow accounts without my permission which is frustrating, so I guess no technology is perfect.🙄

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    1. Hey Hilary, thanks for the tips and further insight. I don’t want for people to steal my content!! Aarrgh.
      I just wanted to have a look there to see what it is but it doesn’t seem very helpful to me. I guess I’ll stick to WP and Pinterest, that seems more than enough for me.
      The reader is quite ok. I haven’t noticed that I’m unfollowing people but sometimes not all the posts appear in the reader of people that I am following.
      Like you said, no technology is perfect.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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      1. Don’t quote me on the content stealing lol – I stumbled upon it after doing research on BlogLovin’. There are articles and YouTube videos that dive deeper into how this site takes credit for people’s work.🤭 Highly recommend checking it out! 😇

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