Guestpost of Churro’s world.

Hey lovely people of the blogosphere, how are you doing? My name is Churro, it used to be Octavio when I was living in Spain in a shelter. I was there for almost two years before I saw the humans I wanted to live with. Not that I’m so fussy but I like things to be just right.

Because of Corona I needed to wait almost two months before I made my big trip in a very big car with 39 other dogs. I was travelling with two other dogs in a cage, ‘sharing’ they called it. I don’t like to share because I like to be the boss. Well once arrived I needed to wait some more and that was hard on me. Luckily my humans were in time to pick me up. I couldn’t wait to get into the smaller car. That was fun, we drove a bit and I looked at the scenery while trying to maintain my balance. That wasn’t an easy thing to do.

My first encounter with my human. There was also a cat on the premises. I needed to check both out!

Once arrived I found a big basket with candies, man, was I hungry!! I rolled around in the basket like crazy and my humans were just looking at me. I ate my food and try to understand what my humans were telling me. What a strange language they speak, it sounds like nothing I have ever heard. They were so cute though, cuddling me and giving me candy. I like my new name, Churro, so I come when they call me. I get a treat then. Off course, I needed to mark my new territory by peeing into my basket. That surprised my humans, weird thing because they also pee in their home like it’s nothing new, but at least they are so happy when I go into the garden to do my business. You need to teach them when they’re young!

The first night everything went so smooth, my lady boss slept in her basket near mine. It was cozy to snore together. Every time I woke up to rearrange my blanket, I heard her breathing and I went back to sleep. The next day, I got visitors, they came especially for me! They gave me so much attention and many treats. Later on, more visitors came, just for me, I felt like the king of the garden!

So everything went quite smooth with Churro the first days he arrived. He wasn’t eager to explore the garden, what surprised us a bit. We were expecting a dog that is almost thrilled to have a new home with much more space for him than in a cage in a shelter. He didn’t go on the grass easily, he stayed on the concrete. Once I figured out that he was doing what we were doing – drinking coffee at the table – I started to sit on the grass and little by little he came. We started to play with a tennis ball. At first he didn’t know how to handle that but now he loves to play fetch in the garden.

Sleeping alone at night was still a problem, he barked and peeped and howled like a wolf. When we came downstairs he was just in a panic, he was so afraid. We decided to leave the door open, to let him choose where he would sleep. He ran up the stairs like there was no tomorrow and sniffed his way around in our bedroom. He installed himself onto the mat before the bed and started snoring. This proved too much for me. I have trouble sleeping as it is already and with four tumultuous nights I was living the zombie life. I just can’t sleep with extra noises and sniffles of the dog. Not to mention the smell. He smells, well, like a dog. I guess it’s because he lived in close proximity of many other dogs. On the other hand, it is way too soon to bother him with bathing as we are just getting to know each other and he needs to transition too into his new surroundings. New humans, new food, new climate, new ‘orders’ and I felt like we need to tackle the sleeping debacle first.

 I was so happy to found my rug that I didn’t bother that it was in the hall. As long as I could sniff around in the bedroom and hear my humans all the time, I’m so happy and at ease. Once they forgot to close the bathroom door and I rolled around in some clothes and slept on another rug, a very comfortable one!

Two nights ago the miracle happened. As we moved his sleeping mat every night and we managed to sleep with the door to our bedroom closed, I woke up early this morning, as I always do. I try to be as quiet as possible because I’m so curious if Churro is on this ever moving mat again. He wasn’t. He wasn’t in the bathroom not in the hallway. I went downstairs and there he was, sleeping in his basket after three weeks. I love him so much and will keep you posted on his progress and funny adventures.

Edit: every night seems to be different, now he likes to bark during the night. It works to yell his name from our beds to keep him quiet again. What a journey!

22 thoughts on “Guestpost of Churro’s world.

  1. It’s so adorable that you wrote from his perspective, that was so fun to read! Churro really sounds like an intelligent and trusting little puppy, and he sure looks extremely happy to be with and around you!

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    1. He is so fun and I love him dearly! I’m just curious how he will evolve ’cause I see a little of his stubbornness already!
      He can also be so very afraid; one time he is all big, fierce and ‘the man’ and the next moment he would crawl up into my lap because he is afraid of a leaf falling ☺


      1. He’s great but he’s been through something and we don’t know what he survived.
        We noticed that we get angry with him, it doesn’t happen too much but when he’s behaving badly and we are really firm, he plays dead. 4 paws in the air and he lies still.
        But that happened three times. When we’re also firm but not that strict he waggles his tail 😂
        I’m so new to this part of the journey and I’m really excited to go along with him. x

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  2. I love this post ❤️ sounds like you are all riding the roller coaster of acclimating. The ride will get smoother as you go. So glad you shared your journey thus far. Love that you wrote from his perspective as well.

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