Wounded Healer Interviews: Kacha — Mental Health @ Home

The wounded healer interview series features people who’ve dealt with significant mental health challenges, and who also work in a helping role to support the mental health of others. This interview is with Kacha of Food.for.Thoughts. Image credit: CleanPNG Wounded Healer, Who Is Looking in the Mirror Tell us a bit about you, the…

via Wounded Healer Interviews: Kacha — Mental Health @ Home

11 thoughts on “Wounded Healer Interviews: Kacha — Mental Health @ Home

  1. I loved your interview, Kacha! I truly admire the honesty with which you express yourself. Your advice, especially the saying “you cannot pour from a cup which is empty” really resonated with me. I’ve been very on the fence about seeking professional help. Just when I’m about to take the first step, I seem to get better, and just as I finally think I’m perfectly alright, things spiral out of control, and your last answer made me feel more sure about something that has been wandering around my mind for ages, and for that I am grateful!
    Love to you! 🙂

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    1. You’re very welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed the interview!
      You admire me? I’m just in ooh and aah because I discovered you cut your own hair, that is something brave in my book!

      About professional help, you’ll feel when the time is right. It’s perfectly normal to have hesitations. I’ve waited also a very long time before I took the step to finally do it and it was needed.
      There has been research about a placebo-effect. People who are seeking help and are on a waiting list to get help, find themselves feeling better already. That is not a legitimate reason to go off the waiting list. Follow your gut and you can always try a session or an appointment. You have the right to find out what is good for you and what is not. Nothing is ‘lost’ or ‘silly’.
      Much love to you too!

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  2. That’s so sweet that you still write to one of your patients! The work environment may have been stressful and not the place you needed, but I get the impression you truly did help many people. Now it’s time to help yourself so that the next chapter can be written.

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    1. You put that in words so beautifully! That is exactly the way I feel. Close the book on the past and start writing a whole new chapter. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

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