Weekly Fun Things, the SUPER edition!

A while ago, I posted some fun things that happened to me during the week. The week after that I didn’t had so many things to post. As my energy swings up and down, I saw the more grey side of life again. Blogging felt weird, I guess this was due to the pandemic being on the rise and our daily life was impacted. Today a lot of fun and good things came to mind, so why not post them and share my positives?


5a1d66e6589178.9054298215118763263628 I’m living together with Pierre for just over a month now. It’s going great and I do better than expected. Having less alone time takes some energy. Last Thursday I changed my address legally to ‘his’ address, which is now our address. Once we have this in writing, we can fix the officially-living-together papers. Papers papers! We celebrated the change of address with a romantic drink in the garden (with candles!) with too much wine and into the wee hours of the night. The next morning a policeman came to establish that I do live here and he gave us a positive recommendation. I slept for two days straight after the ‘big’ party!



5a1d66e6589178.9054298215118763263628 I received a new small clip from my dearest Churro! On the adoption front we’ve done everything we could do. I paid for our new friend. Tuesday we went shopping for him but Corona said there was only one of us allowed in the store. I went and got overwhelmed right away. Do you realize how many leads there are to choose from? I took some pictures of what interested me. In the comfort of my own home, I’ve found almost all the things I needed on the internet. The most expensive thing was the basket but I learn online that a cheaper one could very well be not very ‘dog-proof’. This dog-owning-world is a whole new one to me. But we got food, a lead, a harness and a cozy sleeping-resting place for him.



5a1d66e6589178.9054298215118763263628 I’ve been officially unemployed since the beginning of 2020 after being fired due to medical reasons. Medical meaning my mental health struggles. I’ve managed to enroll myself into a special program that is set up to help people who weren’t able to work for a long period of time. This took me from January till April. I called and made appointments, got my paperwork in place and Monday they called me. It was a very sweet lady with (most important!) a good understanding of how a recovery process can look like. She didn’t thought it was a good idea for me to start with any course at the moment or to go out looking for a job. She will referrer me to another facility, specializing in counselling people in my situation. I explicitly asked if I am in ‘danger’ to be kicked off again of these benefits due to my low efforts (compared to a more ‘normal’ standard) of finding a job. She said that it is more important to find a perspective that suits my situation than to take wild guesses and start a job without the counselling. The counselling can be up to a year and due to long waiting lists it’s not going to start immediately. (for the record I was on her waiting list to be called and I was scheduled for next January (!!!) )  A huge worry fell of my shoulders and I was even a bit emotional because of this news. Is it possible that I can recover at my own pace and someone is not going to push me? I feel so lucky!! This counselling needs to approved yet but I’m hoping for the best, fingers crossed!


I feel like these are all huge steps for me. I am so lucky to have such good things coming to me. I don’t know where I did deserve them but I feel that my struggles and illness wasn’t in vein. It is really presenting me with a chance to a happy and balanced life. Were you surprised by some good things coming your way? Please share them in the comments, we can celebrate together. If on the other hand, not so pleasant things came your way, feel free to share them too, a burden shared is half the burden. Let’s lift each other up!



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23 thoughts on “Weekly Fun Things, the SUPER edition!

  1. Fingers crossed that the counselling is approved and takes its sweet time to start! And Octavio is so adorable! I think if he saw a guinea pig he’d be so excited he might eat it by mistake.

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  2. Here is some good news. Our weekly shop has become a fortnightly shop. But we went on Tuesday and we *did* remember (which were forgotten last time):
    1. chocolate
    2. cookies
    3. scones
    4. strawberry jam
    5. clotted cream
    6. tortillas – so we will eat nachos one evening

    so we will at least enjoy this beautiful weather with Afternoon Tea in the garden 🙂

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    1. I’ve had my share of struggles too, I think I have some understanding of what you mean. That is why I was very afraid that they would kick me off again. It was such a relief when the lady said there was nothing to worry about but that actually seems to depend if my request for the cancelling is approved. I’ve gotten a long questionnaire to fill in … I hope it goes well 🙂 Thank you for commenting!


  3. I am so, so happy for you! To be very honest, reading this made me emotional, and I’m glad things are beginning to look better. I will hope with all my heart that the entire process gets approved. Sending you loads of love and good energy!

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  4. I have more questions on your mental health recovery. But I will wait till you confirm that you are officially happy and no mental health problems for quite some time.

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  5. Octavio is so lively and fun! Love the playful music, very fitting 🙂 Congrats on officially moving in with Pierre and on the approval of help. I hope things continue along in the same upward fashion. (((HUGS)))

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    1. That is so sweet of you! 🙂 I’ve met some hurdles along the way. I wish it was a smooth ride but there is some wave-catching to be done 🙂 It will all work out I think. Thank you for your nice comment! 🤗🤗🤗

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  6. Things are looking good Kacha. Well done for officially celebrating well into the wee hours lol. Wow, didn’t know you have to have all that like policemen coming to your home? Why is that? Glad you’re getting closer to getting your dog and I really think he’ll help with your mental state, lots of long walks and someone else to care for.

    Your benefits lady sounds amazing too, I was lucky I had one of those nice ladies when I first became physically unwell. It makes such a difference. Stay well and safe my lovely xx

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    1. That is the custom here. When you move in, the local policeman comes to verify if you really live on that adres. And they see you and get to know you a little and vice versa. It’s the norm here.
      I think the dog is a smart move too and he’ll get me moving 🙂 It will be good for mind and body 🙂 Having a reason to get out of bed and having someone to care for will help me. He is a little like an emotional support animal to me.
      I’m glad you had a nice lady too, it makes such a big difference. That is really true.
      Thanks for stopping by and take good care of you! x

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      1. Wow, so there’s no secrets where you live, getting visits from the police 😉 Any idea when you’ll get your dog? I can imagine how much fun (and exercise) you’ll have and yes good for the mind and body.
        I love dropping by and you make sure you get some self-soothing in Kacha x

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      2. Yes, so nice of you to ask because this weekend I got mail! It’s not yet 100% sure but almost sure (Spain needs to approve the transport) that he will be with me the 16th of May!!!! I’m counting the days!
        As he spend almost 2 years in the shelter, where he doesn’t have that much opportunity to run around, we’ll be able to gradually built up our ‘walking-muscles’ together. 🙂

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  7. Congratulations on your move-in! It’s amazing how much papers can change. 😊 It’s wonderful to see Churro and know he has a bed waiting for him. And I’m so glad you found someone who puts your health first to work with you! 😀 Having someone recognize that as a priority makes a big difference all on its own.


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