The (Never) Ending Circus III – Are there any benefits yet?


Doomed if I do and doomed if I don’t?

Now armed with all the information, I went to see the occupational doctor for the third and last time (day 7). She filled in the forms needed for my resignation. I was able to see my psychiatrist in December (day 8) to obtain a letter from him stating I wasn’t able to return to that specific work place again. The occupational doctor stated that there was no job at the company for me, not a job that was adjusted to my possibilities. Mind you the work place fills in (legally!) that they did look for a job when in reality they really didn’t. You can read about my negotiations with my boss in The winding road of therapy. Work and Burnout. . This all happened almost a year ago so both me and the occupational doctor were willing to let it go and let it be.

What are the benefits while obtaining a resignation based on medical issues?

The company I worked for don’t have to pay me a dime where if they were going to fire me, they would have because they break the contract that we have. On the other hand when I was to resign not based on medical issues I would have to ‘end’ my contract by returning to work for at least 3 months. I would have to do shift work again, doing the long commute, deal with new patients, a new team and just be a ‘normal’ employee. I wasn’t able to do that either because my psychiatrist told me that I may work for 4 hours per day maximum with fixed (daytime) hours.

Just looking at my health, this was the most beneficial option to take. I went to work for the last time (day 9) to fill in the last forms. I was free on the 26th of December! Free! I felt so relieved, I felt lighter.

A few days later I was standing in line again at the union (day 10) to update my file due to the current changes. When fully unemployed  there is new file to make. This went quite easy. I even had some energy to buy a Christmas present for Pierre.

Yet another day later I was standing in line again (day 11) because they needed some more information to close the file regarding the lawsuit. The lawsuit that wasn’t going to happen.

To end the year on a good note I was there again because another paper (day 12) needed to be filled in to send my current file to yet another institution to get me started on unemployment benefits. But not without obtaining yet another document to prove that I am actually 100% unemployed and that I am willing to work.

So far so good with the papers and I’ve got a letter that my file is approved!! The insurance from work is cancelled, I mailed them to put it in my name but no mail from that front either. I’m going to my therapist today and maybe do some groceries, let’s just hope that I don’t break a leg but I can afford to bump into things or to lose a toenail.

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13 thoughts on “The (Never) Ending Circus III – Are there any benefits yet?

      1. I wish! Although I hear that surgeons are also vulnerable for burnout.
        I like the brain but I can’t stand blood of other people! The idea to drill into a head and brrrrrrr …. I would be a very good theoretical doctor!

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    1. I guess that is what they are counting on. Not only because people are worn out but imagine don’t speaking the language or people who doesn’t know how to find someone to lean on or to help them in the process.

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