Stuck on ‘Songs on a Sunday’.

This post was originally written for a challenge but due to ‘things’ I’m going to post it without the challenge. I hope you enjoy it either way.



Good morning, midday or evening, I’ve found a cozy song for this Sunday. I’ve chosen ‘middle’ and it led me to ‘Stuck in the middle with you’ by Stealers Wheel.




“Stuck in the Middle with You” (sometimes known as “Stuck in the Middle”) is a song written by Scottish musicians Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan and originally performed by their band Stealers Wheel.


The band performed the song on the BBC’s Top of the Pops in May 1973, and the song charted at No. 8 in the UK Singles Chart. It also became an international hit, reaching No. 6 in the US Billboard Hot 100.




Well I don’t know why I came here tonight.
I’ve got the feeling that something ain’t right.
I’m so scared in case I fall off my chair
And I’m wondering how I’ll get down the stairs.

Clowns to the left of me!
Jokers to the right!
Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

‘Cause I’m stuck in the middle with you
And I’m wondering what it is I should do.
It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face.
Losing control and running all over the place.

Clowns to the left of me!
Jokers to the right!
Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

When you started off with nothing
And you’re proud that your a self-made man.
And your friends they all come crawling
Slap you on the back and say
Please . . .
Please . . .
Trying to make some sense of it all

But I see it makes no sense at all.
Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor?
I don’t think that I can take anymore.
Clowns to the left of me!

Jokers to the right!
Here I am stuck in the middle with you.
When you started off with nothing.


The song is used in Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 debut film Reservoir Dogs, during the scene in which the character Mr. Blonde (played by Michael Madsen) taunts and tortures bound policeman Marvin Nash (Kirk Baltz) while singing and dancing to the song. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tarantino recalled:


“That was one of those things where I thought [the song] would work really well, and [during] auditions, I told the actors that I wanted them to do the torture scene, and I’m gonna use ‘Stuck in the Middle With You,’ but they could pick anything they wanted, they didn’t have to use that song. And a couple of people picked another one, but almost everyone came in with ‘Stuck in the Middle With You,’ and they were saying that they tried to come up with something else, but that’s the one. The first time somebody actually did the torture scene to that song, the guy didn’t even have a great audition, but it was like watching the movie. I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, this is gonna be awesome!’ “


It is a tortune scene (found it on YouTube)  so you don’t have to watch it if you are sensitive, have a weak stomach or you don’t feel like it on your Sunday.   Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!   It is one of my favorite movies, it is absolutely brilliant. Mr White is so lovely.





Lyrics click here.

Picture and more info about the song, click here.


10 thoughts on “Stuck on ‘Songs on a Sunday’.

  1. I’ve heard this song a lot, but I didn’t know it was used for a Quentin Tarantino torture scene. And here the main image that comes to mind for me has been a video of a kitten playing in a hamster ball. 🤔 Same song, such different tones!

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    1. Haha that’s so fun, a kitten is definitely better than that movie scene. When I was younger I thought it was so ‘cool’ 🙄
      And songs mean a whole variety of things to different people. Thank you for commenting yours!

      Liked by 1 person

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