The direction of my blog.


Hello blogging friends ! How are you today? I want to write about the direction of this blog and what I’ve learned along the way.


I started my blog because I had too many questions in my head. I kept wondering a thousand things at the same time. I looked things up and found answers but I had no place to put it aside and to let it rest.


This blog grew out of my curiosity for different things, my love for sharing and thus social media and the internet in general. In the early beginning nobody red my posts and I went for months and weeks without writing something. I simply couldn’t do it. But the blog was born, just waiting there. When the questions and answers piled up in my head, I organized them in more lengthy posts. And that was that.


Writing down my thoughts and my intial answers to my life problems became a fertile ground for making connections with others. It helps me so much to read stories of others who are experiencing the same things I do or maybe something completely different.


My need of being informed let me to read various posts on blogging etiquettes and tips for beginning bloggers. Somewhere I read that you have to post daily if you want your blog to be successful. Yes I want my blog to reach some people, so I can get feedback on my thoughts and experiences. I don’t want to write nor exist in a bubble.


With that advice I started typing away, document after document. I type my posts out in a Word document and then copy-paste them to WordPress. I also knew very well what I wanted to write about, mental health and burnout and depression in particular. So that was easy peasy and Bob’s your uncle.


Soon I felt that posting each and every day was way too much for me. I can not research, think, write and proofread every day because of life. But the blog gave me a reason to get up in the morning and some structure. I worked on blogs in the morning and red blogs and commented in the afternoon.


After a while I decided not to post at the weekend because it was just too much (for me). I was happy to post from Monday to Friday. Then of course mental health happened and my capacity to concentrate, to read and to write became more and more diminished. As much as I like to read about depression, I needed some other topics too in my life. The setup of the blog was also to write about my recovery process. I understood after a while  that that process wasn’t going as fast nor as linear as I imagined it would go. I struggle with writing other content than I really feel at the moment. But always writing about depression became something depressing in itself. I’m not implicating that my blog made me depressed, no no, it was me. I hope I can shed some light on my recovery too in the (nearby?) future and that I’ll be able to expand the subjects I write about. Mental health ans psychology will always be near and dear in my heart.

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Hoera, when out of the down and more on the up, I did found my flow again, I like writing and when I have inspiration it is so nice. I feel like a kid in a candy store. Things in my life are changing, there is some flow here and there and some prospects to bigger changes. But the daily struggle stays.


I enjoy writing when I feel it, when I have fun ideas and subjects to read about. I decided to post less frequently and to write when I ‘feel’ it. When it makes me happy and I think it shows in my posts. It does to me at least. I’m now aiming between 3 or 4 posts per week and I think I’ll centre them between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. When an explosion of creativity appears, I can use the beginning and the end of the week to post my insights, questions and discoveries in life. As for Blogger Awards, I do one every 50 new followers. It can be a very slow process but I think that it gives me enough time to get to know new people and in that way I don’t have to nominate always the same bloggers  🙂


I hope you keep reading and commenting on my posts of course! Thank you so much for following my journey on my blog. It makes me quite happy.


I do wonder about you. How do you find time and energy to write? Do you always have posts preplanned? And how did you found your best schedule to post? Did you experienced some fluctuations too? I am interested to hear about your thoughts on this matter.


Blogging Unblock


This post got a follow-up post, a longer answer to all my questions. Very interesting read at StrokeSurvivorUK.

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15 thoughts on “The direction of my blog.

  1. I think your plans sound great!

    My writing output varies a lot from week to week. Time isn’t much of an issue, because there isn’t really much else I do, but the mental energy fluctuates a lot. Scheduling works really well for me because it means a consistent output for readers despite my inconsistent writing.

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  2. I started for similar reasons and now I’m in the same boat as you… I just post when I feel like it. I used to write daily but, like you said, mental health happened. Lol. I got burnt out on writing about “deep” subjects all the time and now I just write about whatever is in my head at the moment. I don’t plan ahead at all and if I do happen to write an informative, lengthy post, it’s because I was inspired in the moment.

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  3. Glad that you find a way to be happy and the sentence you write ‘writing only about depression makes you depress more’ is a fact. I advise is that you should write whenever the feel comes and save it as a draft. Then you can post in a regular basis as you said in the middle on week. 😊

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    1. Thank you for this post! It’s good to know I’m not struggling with the ups and downs on my own in this way.

      I am a little over 4 years clean and sober, and have been so frustrated with my bipolar mood swinging this particularly difficult year, that my anger has spurred me on to create some systems and put plans in place for the times I just don’t wanna do____whatever the thing is.

      Like having a crisis or recovery plan for the times needed, I thought to myself, why not do this for when i just can’t life today because I feel some type of way?

      I’m putting these plans together now, and find that habitual structured scheduals for tasks, self care, relational upkeeps, financial handling, or all else helps most of the time, along with trying to “let myself off the hook” of responsibilities for an alotted timewhen i just can’t adult.

      I must remember I’m not in control 24/7, but I do want to keep gaining emotional control whether or not I have neurological problems, so for me, I must keep trying as much as I can to be and do who I want to be everyday, but with self care and self forgivness for the extreme times, remembering this is a party of who i truly am right now. I will grow.

      It’s tough.

      I’m proud of you for not giving up, and hope you continue this blog so people like me who are searching for similar stories and goals can keep benefitting!

      I am looking to begin my own blog, and know nothing about it, but your’s gives me encouragement that I could do this too, if I get committed about it, and stay authentic, not worrying about if the masses will understand. Your story is beautiful- and for purpose! Don’t quit!

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      1. What a beautiful comment, thank you so much!

        Putting plans in place for less well times is a great thing to do. It will help you to act when that is needed, because you’ll know what to refer to. I also have my needed information in one place and most of my things sorted but not all (yet). Finances is a difficult one for me as we have some ‘real’ bills yet, the one you receive by mail and they make it difficult to plan for. But I’ll manage with some help when needed I hope.

        Thank you also for your encouraging words towards my blog, I really appreciate it! I started to write things off of my chest and somehow it seems to work for me as long as I’m not too perfectionist about it 🙂 My second goal was to spread information and maybe help people who are struggling in the same (or another) way. So your remarks mean a lot to me.

        Let me know if you start a blog of your own so I can follow your journey as well!


  4. As I wrote the other day, I’m slowing it down a little bit in the new year. I’ll still read blogs and comment daily and I’ll write 2-4 per week, but this daily grind over the last several months had wore me down and I don’t feel like it’s moving me forward anymore in what I really want to be doing, or at least, it’s not moving me as far forward as quickly. Lately I’ve written 2-3 blogs when I feel a burst and been leaning on guest posts. Nothing is worse than looking at a blank screen in the morning and deciding you have to write, but have nothing to say. I get the most hits when I post between 10 a.m. and noon east coast US time but sometimes I just let it rip even if it’s 8:30 am or 2 p.m. I’ve tried to make it a science, but think I sometimes spend too much time trying to make things perfect instead of asking why I’m doing them in the first place and what my goals are. As you know, I’m not a fan of giving or receiving awards, and will only accept one award per year, and have decided that as long as you’re blogging, it’s going to come from you….so you only get one in 2020…use it wisely.

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    1. I think, for me, I need to take a step back and rethink why I started blogging. It was very selfish, it was for me and the ability to share. When things overturn the initial purpose and you ‘feel like blogging for the sake of blogging’, that is not a wise use of the blog nor my free time. I’ll be happy to read your blogs and I’m curious how your other goals will develop. As for the awards, I have a fun in mind already (as fun as they get) thank you for giving me the honor to nominate you once a year 🙂 I will do!

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      1. At their pure essence, blogs are selfish and narcissistic things. It’s like screaming “Hey everybody, come see what I have to say, and leave some validation behind!” Anybody who says otherwise is full of shit.

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  5. It’s so tricky finding the optimal posting frequency! I almost didn’t start blogging because I knew I’d never be able to do daily posts. I just don’t have that energy. Then I read that there are successful bloggers who post monthly, so I plunged in thinking I could write up a bunch of drafts when I was feeling inspired and then give myself an occasional vacation. So far, that has not happened. Maybe someday!

    I’m so impressed that you were able to do daily posts! 3-4 a week is also pretty great in my books, and the best thing is that you are sharing quality thoughts. I’ve seen some blogs that post daily or even more than daily, yet their posts are short, barely skimming the surface of popular topics with little or no reflection on them. Your posts always make me think. I look forward to them because I know there will always be something for me to engage with!

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! For me my blog is very personal. It’s not so hard to find topics that speak to me but to think them through and to reflect a little on them can take its time. Posting for the sake of posting doesn’t speak to me. I follow some bloggers who publish once a month or every two weeks. I don’t mind that at all! I look forward to it as long as the content is interesting. Your posts are very well researched and that takes time and effort to do so. Everyone finds his or hers niche in the end, when it clicks it clicks 🙂 Thank you very much for being such loyal reader of my blog and for your nice comments!

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