Just an evening.


Oh hey, there you are again. We were we? Oh yes I was telling you about that night I met up with a friend.


I don’t remember what we were planning to do but we went to his apartment. I thought,  cool, we can have a drink, listen to some music. Just relax. It was Monday evening so everything of importance was closed.


On the way to his apartment he started telling me all kind of things. That he was deadly afraid of water and how that came about.


It was terrible’, he remembered, ‘I was about 7 or 8 years old and they threw me into the water so I would learn how to swim. I was so extremely anxious and I thought I was going to die, not only because of the cold water but from the panic attack that followed the traumatic event. ‘They’ did that to me’. I was a little perplex but fear of swimming is not the end of the world and many people struggle with anxiety.


Once arrived at the apartment, I was prepared to put on some fun tunes and to chat the night away maybe have a dance. I just took my jacket of, sat down, was expecting a drink but instead I saw a lot of grey garbage bags, all filled up.


No he spoke more freely as he walked up and down between the bags. ‘Do you want to know who ‘they’ were?’ ‘They were the Freemasons. They have a congregation in the City you know. Only men are allowed and they are all powerful men in all ranks of life. No, it’s not only businessmen as you may think, they are priests, architects, bankers, doctors, politicians. Everybody with influence. You can’t joint them when you want. You need to be invited and then you need to undergo a ritual. It’s very difficult. My father is one of them and they tortured me in the water when I was young’.  I didn’t know his father but my mother did. She never told me one wrong word about him and I always regarded him as a respectable man.


So now I decided this has to stop’, he continued. I was still waiting for at least one drink but it seems that there was nothing to drink. The apartment was messy and the garbage bags took the most of the free space. ‘I need to collect some more documents and we are ready to go.’ Now I really stopped thinking about that drink and wondered where we would go. ‘I need you to go with me cause I need a witness. This is very important, when this comes out, it will be huge!’ Suddenly he put on his vest, stood finally still for a moment and grabbed all the bags he could carry. ‘You need to take the other ones’.


We went out to the streets of the city, two figures carrying these garbage bags. He had one over his shoulder and two in his other hand. He walked quickly and I followed with one garbage bag in each hand. It wasn’t far maybe two streets. He rang at an old but nice building and was immediately let in. I started to become a little unsettled at this point as I had no clue where we were. I didn’t read the name on the bell as it all happened so quickly. At one point I thought we were going to the Freemasons themselves.


As it turned out we arrived at an old office who held an older gentleman. The kind of office and man you think about when you think about Freud in the 1900. It was just the tree of us. Maybe he was a Freemason, I thought, but that wouldn’t make any sense in regards to the hostility ‘they’ were addressed with earlier.


Both men seemed to know each other and there must have been an appointment set as they understood each other very well. At this point, I was the one that was completely in the dark about the purpose of all of this. I was introduced as a ‘witness’ and was asked to take place. I looked  around and it became clear to me that this was a real lawyer’s office.


The conversation between the two picked up as an answer to a previous meeting and they spoke about the ‘details’. I could not make any sense of it and just listened.


And suddenly it was over. I was asked to take the bags with me, one bag was left in the office. We walked the same way back to the apartment, I gave him his ‘evidence’ and I walked home. On my own, no bags, no Freemasons just the warm wind in my hair and a strange evening in my mind.



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15 thoughts on “Just an evening.

    1. Indeed very peculiar. I still don’t know what happend afterwards or where this all was heading or what the events were leading up to this. I’ve never hear him speak about something like that and poof! there we were.

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