Love for words.


I like language, I love words

I make them mine and they form cords


Words can cherish, words can heal

Words can comfort and also steal


I collect them, put them away

I mash them together like a puree


I chop, smell and reorder

Pull them apart like there is no border



To sanity




Photo credits Bloem foto gemaakt door freepik –

15 thoughts on “Love for words.

    1. LOL! I love stupid jokes, I’m laughing so hard right now. Didn’t you like my beautiful poem? I’m aiming for the Nobel prize this year, I just don’t know in what category I’ll be 😂😂


    1. That’s a great exercise, how does that go? Also I needed to look up persnickety, what a beautiful word!
      I like the question converstation but it requires two people: you have a conversation with questions only and the person who can’t answer with a question loses that game.
      Playing with words has a libertating effect on my brain, it’s seems to make it happy.


      1. Ooh, the question conversation sounds good.

        A sample swearing adventure might run along the lines of: The great pumpkin is one crazy-@ss motherf***er who deserves to get b*tch-slapped upside his orange-@ss head to knock some of the sh*tload of dumb@ssery out of it….
        The creative possibilities are almost endless!

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      2. Hahaha, that is also fun 🙂 I see you’ve mastered this skill to a perfection! I going to try because I mostly just say f*uck. It’s good to have a variety of self-expression when self-exploding. In english I’m rather limited that’s why I asked for an example.

        Liked by 1 person

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