Why k/not?


I like knots


I like to un-knot yarn and knot it up again

while in the process

I’m un-nutting me.


A knot can be a not but also a nut

What not nut would understand my knot?

A knot is very stubborn, disabeling

A nutty knot can be fun 


That’s why I keep un-knotting







Like a barn of wool

that shapes shifts


into a





Photo credits: click here.

14 thoughts on “Why k/not?

    1. O thank you so much! It’s a little experiment as my day went better and my head could leave some light in. I’m glad the lightheartedness came through!! ❤ (you must be my blogtwin!)

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    1. Thank you so much! It is a small experiment with my ‘poetry’ skills 😊 Knitting is the first thing I could do after being able to do ‘nothing’. It can be very calming and you can have nice results too!

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