Sunshine Blogger Award.


Last week I got a very big surprise. I was given the Sunshine Blogger Award. Actually I was nominated but I also got it. After a crappy day there was this award and I felt like an actress hearing her name being called out on the night of the Oscars. I do have a vivid imagination!




As I understand it is an award given to blogs that bring out the sunshine and spreads positivity. I was very surprised that my blog, mainly about the less pleasant things in life like depression made it on that list. But I’m truly happy and honored and of course I accept. It was Thomas from The Happiness Nerd who noticed the sunshine in my blog. His blog contains longer reads on happiness and love. Are there better topics imaginable to be writing about? As a true actress at the Oscars, I would like to thank Thomas for his support. Without him this would never happen. Have a read on his blog, I guarantee that you’ll take some happiness from it!

“The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award of recognition given to bloggers from fellow bloggers. It recognizes those who are creative, positive, and inspiring. It celebrates people who spread sunshine.”

That sounds wonderful as we can keep the sun shining in our blogs by passing on the celebration of creativity and positivity.



What are the Rules?

* Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging sites

* Answer their questions

* Nominate up to 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions

* Notify the nominees about their nomination via their blog or social media

* List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post



Thomas’ Questions for the Nominees


1. What are you most grateful for?

My boyfriend Pierre, he is a life saver and my biggest happiness. And I’m also grateful for my brain, it is amazing.


2. Who would be your favorite dinner guest (living or dead)?

I would love to have dinner with President Barack Obama. I could listen to his voice all day. I find him kind, witty, respectful and intelligent.


3. If you could solve one problem in the world, what would it be?

This is a tricky one because everything exists for a reason and what we perceive to be the lesser of two evils may very well not be. That aside I would like to see xenophobia not being so highly represented in our world. I would replace it by a cautious curiosity. In my world there would be more openness first followed by rational decision making. I advocate for an open dialogue where both parties are willing to listen, to accept criticisms and are bonded by the willingness to improve.


4. What are two truths and one lie about you?

Lie: As I am a vegan, people think I’m the epitome of health. I’m not. I can’t cook every day. I eat junk food but it’s vegan.

Truth:  I am a strong person, I survived a lot but I tend to struggle with the small things in life. I’m not to complain about everything. I just live with a lot of difficulties in my head.

Truth: I am kind and hardworking despite what my family or society may think of me.


5. What was your most recent act of kindness?

Totally unexpected I befriended the man who takes care of the cleanliness in my street. He is very sweet and we do understand each other.


6. Which three things would you rescue from your burning home? (friends, family, and pets are already safe)

As my neighbor’s house was in a small fire, I know what I took when needed to go out. I took my warm clothes (jacket, scarf, hat), I took the most important papers with me (birth certificate, diploma’s and so on) and I took my purse (with my wallet, phone, ID). Standing in the street not knowing what was going to happen I was just thinking about my laptop. I wish I took my laptop with me.


7. What’s the next organization you want to donate to?

In my neighborhood we have a second hand store that not only sells used things but also employs people who can’t find a job, they learn the language and skills. They do repair things like computers, bikes, electronics. People on a tight budget can find nice things there. What you donate they really put in the shop so you see that your things can help others.


8. What action to reduce global warming are you considering or planning on taking?

I would love to move in with Pierre so we have one home instead of now a house and a small apartment. Living together will take less of an impact on nature I think.


9. If you were to become famous, for which of your qualities would it be?

I would hope for my silly humor, the will to help others and the nerve to stand up for what is right.


10. In your opinion, which is the best cuisine in the world?

That is a difficult one! I love food and I love many cuisines. What makes me the most happy is Greek food. I like that they put all the food out at once. So you get all your starters with all the main dishes or close to each other. When you chose just a few starters, I recommend 2 per person, you will have eaten more than enough and you can eat from each dish. It’s so fun to taste different things. When your meal is done you’ll get a drink, raki, which is strong liquor and fruit or a small dessert. No matter what.


11. Are you a cat or a dog person?

This is the easiest one, I love dogs. For all different reasons. They are fun. When they walk or jump it makes me smile. I keep on wondering if they are smart. One day it seems all they care about is food. On another day I believe they are very emotionally intelligent. They feel what I’m feeling and they can comfort me. You can talk all day to them and they don’t talk back. I believe that that is their strongest point!

Dogs are happy, most of the time, they have the ability to take it as it comes. Neurological research shows that a dogs brain is unable to grasp the finiteness of life. Dogs are not able to think about their death. I think that that makes them so happy and able to live in the moment.

Dogs can smell time. While dogs are not able to read the clock, they can smell the air and deduct what time in the day it is. If you leave your dog alone for a long time, the dog knows how long you were gone! You can’t trick them.

They keep you going. You need to walk them so you’re forced outside and you’re forced to move. I think that dog walking could bring me so much more joy than the gym and above all: it’s free!

Dogs, and other animals, have very relatable feelings. They can get depressed. They can stop eating when really unhappy or abandoned. They can have nightmares or attachment problems. They can become jealous or a bit mean. Sometimes they can suffer from PTSD. They benefit from therapy. Whit the right approach they are very forgiving. They set an example for humans.

They can lazy like a boss. I adore the way they can roll themselves up and just be. They do those yoga poses we try to embody. Have you ever seen a perfect ‘down-dog’ or ‘up-dog?’

They have routines and are actually very clean. Every morning and evening they clean themselves. That is a good example. They live in a group, they are social. I love all of  that about dogs and I hope I’ll be a dog mommy one day!



To pass on this party of positivity I’ll nominate the following bloggers * drumroll please*


  1. Caz from Mental Health from the other side. I find so much recognition in her blog. Caz worked in the Mental Health field and has a decent knowledge of it. She also shares her personal story with us. Definitely worth a read!


  1. Joshua from Recovering Porn Addict. Despite of what you may think there is more to this blog than porn. Although it is a main focus through his writing, I find this blog has a much bigger reach. Joshua discusses topics like addiction, his struggles in life, he presents interesting research, he tells about the stigma surrounding addiction, his presence on social media and many more. He is a speaker and author of ‘The Addiction Nobody Talks About’ and ‘He’s a Porn Addict … Now What?’ He also offers peer support counseling.


  1. Jo from Through My Eyes. Jo tells it like it is. I like that. When things are going good, she writes about it and when things are difficult, she shares it too. She shares the ‘small’ tings, the things that are more likely to be unsaid but are important. Like feeling overwhelmed in a moment. It is difficult for me to find the right words but her blog feels to me like a butterfly. It’s a stroke of lightness and beauty in a flash.


  1. Louise from Life with Louise. Louise seemed a little shy when I first encountered her blog but nothing could be further from the truth. She writes about her life, her dreams, her plans how to achieve those dreams, the fact that you have to patient and she shares the books she reads.


  1. Adrienne from The Moody Mom. She has some experience under her belt in regard to mental health, believe you me! She shares coping skills she learned through the years. And yes, they are better than a self-help book, for me at least.


  1. JoAnn from Midnight Harmony. She runs such a fun blog. I adore the pictures of beautiful flowers, her kind words and coco nutty humor! She also loves words so much she made a post with her favorite words. I find that utterly fascinating. And that is not all the content at all, she writes about mental health and Florida. If you don’t find some smiles on her blog, I don’t know where you’ll find them.


  1. Brian from Dogmatic Panic. He’s passionate about recovery and living a good life. He shares his struggles with mental health and presents us his solutions, his road in life. He is a dude that doesn’t give up and keeps on searching.  Depression, medication, ADHD, books, sobriety, burnout, you’ll find it all on his blog.


  1. Ashley from MentalHealth@Home. Ashley runs a fantastic blog about mental health. As a nurse she has knowledge about all things mental health. As an author she wrote two books ‘Psych Meds Made Simple: How & Why They Do What They Do’ and ‘Making Sense Of Psychiatric Diagnoses’. As herself she shares her own story, ups and downs on living with mental health struggles.  As a blogger she invites new mental health bloggers over for guest posts and she’s an avid reader of all things related to the subject. And she has the cutest Guinea pigs you’ve ever seen! If you’re interested in mental health you will find a great resource about all topics on her blog, you’ll find information, acceptance and great discussions.  I can go on and on just have a look!


  1. Maria from My Soul Balm. She is an advocate for mental health. She is very open about her struggles and gives us a glimpse into the journey that is living with mental health difficulties. She writes about anxiety, about how depression affected her marriage, she tackles preconceptions about mental health while setting an example how to take care of yourself.


  1. Vee from #MILLENIALLIFECRISIS. She’s strong, smart, a good writer and funny. She writes about mental health, unemployment, things that grind her gears, her insecurities and all things of life. She wants to reach 5,000 followers at the end of 2019. If you don’t follow Vee already, please do, you won’t regret it.


  1. Jake from Jake Hinds. Jake is a writer, blogger and mental health expert. He writes about anxiety, OCD and mental health in general. Of course you’ll find other topics on his blog too. He is a very good writer, if you don’t believe me, you can have a look yourself!



And my questions are:

  1. What is the best advice you’ve ever heard?
  2. What is a lie you tell frequently/with ease?
  3. Do you have a blogging routine? If so, enlighten us.
  4. What is one thing you really want to do/accomplish?
  5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  6. Do you have a ‘pick me up’ song?
  7. What do you like the most about blogging? Please pick the most important one.
  8. Which household chore are you most likely to skip?
  9. Which event from history is most fascinating to you?
  10. Are you superstitious? If so, what do you do or believe?
  11. What made you happy today?


Thank you so much for the nomination, to everyone who reads my blog and to the nominated blogs who will hopefully accept my nomination. I’m looking forward to read your answers and to see the sunshine spreading!



17 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award.

  1. Thank you!!! I’ll do a few answers right here:
    -Most frequent lie: How are you? “Okay.”
    -Like most about blogging: The cool people. It’s a great injection of social contact into my otherwise hermitic lifestyle.
    -Household chore: Taking out the garbage. I can’t even give a good reason for it, and it has to be done eventually, but I hate it.
    -Superstitions: I don’t have any that I can think of. But my best friend is the most superstitious person I’ve ever met. They’re not “normal” superstitions, either; they’re things he’s just made up all on his own.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Love your post! Thanks for the kind words! The nomination is absolutely deserved and it was really fun to read your answers! Many surprises there. And you reeeeally seem to like dogs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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