Social media silence on ‘Empty Day’.


October is world mental health month . 10 October is world mental health day. 12 October is Empty Day. #emptyday.


Empty Day is a day of social media silence.


I wrote about the usage of social media and mental health in my latest post. In brief it explains the mechanism of addiction that can alter your brain and leave you less motivated. In order to feel good, to take care of yourself and to be a little happier you need motivation. To struggle with your mental health and to lose yourself in social media can be an uphill battle.


Taking breaks, finding your ‘Empty Time’ can open possibilities. Our brain is always happy when it tries something new. You can step out of your routine of checking your phone or keeping your eye on others opinions. It can be an opportunity to be more aware of what you’re feeling on the inside. To spend quality time with yourself. Or you can choose to turn your energy outwards and spent time with others.





How to participate?


  • Don’t use social media on the 12th of October!
  • Spread the word on social media. Before we can have a social media silence day, we need to made it known on social media.On the website you can generate an avatar (a leaf) to let others know you’ll be social media silent on the 12th of October.
  • Enjoy your Empty Day off course.


Will you participate?

If so, what activities would you do? I think I’ll drown myself in all the books I plan to read for a while now. Or maybe start to knit a scarf for the colder days.

You can find more information, tools, assignments and reads on Empty Day.



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