Santa came early this year and brought Pumpkins.


I gathered all of these fresh vegetables during a family visit. My father-in-law, my uncle and boyfriend Pierre all enjoy spending time in their garden. Could it be a family gene, I wonder sometimes. They put a lot of work, love and effort into it but oh the results are stunning!




That is where I come in. I love food and cooking. I really love to see the vegetables popping out of the soil. To see how well they have grown, to smell the scent of the most fresh vegetables. Have you ever smelled fresh tomatoes? To me it is the most beautiful perfume. It reminds me of my childhood. My aunt had a small garden outside the city. Yes, I am a city girl, born and raised. I know the supermarket very well. I know you can buy everything you see. But trying to cook both more seasonal and local feels healthier to me. Why you may ask.


I think our bodies do not adapt as fast to the world around us. We needed a long time to evolve into how we function now. We lost some hair and started to walk on our feet. We also kept a lot of things, we still respond to danger in a fight-or-flight manner. We hold on to extra fat in case of scarce times. We live in a group, that is not too small but we can’t ‘manage’ a very big group of people.


Our bodies are used to digesting the food that grows in the soil we live on. Everything that is needed is provided by nature in that moment. We do evolve, we adapt to new things but just not that fast in comparison to the world we live in, especially to the technology we use. I’m not preaching to live like in the good ol’ days but I like to think about those things.


Everything that is needed is provided by nature in that moment.


I feel that it helps me to connect with ‘me’ through food, by appreciating what I put into my body. By seeing the process of change in nature we feel part of something around us. Understanding that the earth provides for us, that we are being cared for, lifts some excessive thinking from my mind and put a warm feeling in my body. It’s like a cuddle. We only need to see, be open to it and (re)connect. Some things fall into place without thinking. You can live. Just like that.


Nature can learn us a lot if we open our eyes to it. To eat what pops out of the ground in that time of year, is what our body needs. In summer we have ‘light veggies and fruit’, those contain more water. They are refreshing, easy to eat and easy to digest. They hold the feeling of summer inside them. Summer when everything flows and most of our time and energy are spent outside. When we transition, during late summer, to slightly more colder temperatures, we see other vegetables on the scene. The weather pushes us more inside, we look more inside of ourselves. We see more dense vegetables, like those beautiful pumpkins! They represent the colors of autumn, that warm, soft glowing yellow. For the moment they are yellow and other one are more of a deep orange. Nature changes all the time, most like our lifes do. It is all so beautiful and it shares the wisdom we’ll need to listen to.


For me, it is a quest, not to start from a recipe while cooking but to be guided by what is provided to me. To put trust that everything is as it should be. That life also has its seasons. Sometimes you need to go out and be present to others. Sometimes the mind needs to rest, the energy inside is more prevalent. I’ll share some recipes that I managed to ‘cook’ up in a next post. Hope to see you then!






As you may have noticed my posts are mostly related to mental health. Some days it’s going to be ‘all about that’ but other posts will slightly touch on it. I noticed I enjoy the creativity to write about what matters to me, to write from the heart. As I am a curious human being, I’m discovering different topics to adress. Being new to the blogger world, I’m evolving, trying things out. The blog says ‘Life and its ways’ and I feel that expresses what I want this blog to be. If you have any questions or tips for me, let me know in the comments. If you are interested in the topics I write about or you want to read more about something specific, you can also let me know. I’m curious what you think about this blog.




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