Word of the week. Wrecked by success.


Wrecked by success. 


Freud dedicated a dissertation to people wrecked by success. In the first place, those are people who achieved more success than their parents and they experience this (subconsciously) as unfair. This can result in so many feelings of guilt that they wipe this success out or sink away in a deep depression.


Freud, S. (1916). Some Character-Types Met with in Psycho-Analytical work.





3 thoughts on “Word of the week. Wrecked by success.

  1. That’s interesting. I have heard most of Freud’s theories have been discredited. But that he was the most influential psychiatrist of all time. His work paved the way for psychotherapy as we know it today. I’m a big believer in his “oral fixation” theory. Because I always want to have something in my mouth!

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    1. I like his theories, I believe we need to understand the ‘roots’ of something to be able to understand as it is today. So I also like to see the bigger picture in psychology/psychotherapy. No need to throw away the child with the bathwater as we say over here 😀


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