Easy recipes for difficult days.

! Warning: this picture is way too fancy for the blog ! 

Hello reader of my blog. Welcome. How are you? I’m doing … well as it is. In my previous blogs I wrote about my journey through life and the topic of (my) mental health. I do enjoy writing and I chose a blog because I can write shorter but also quite long blogs. It feels nice to ease my mind and let the words flow on the screen. As for today I would like to address a lighter subject. You know, it can’t be so depressing e-v-e-r-y day. (It is but let’s pretend here).

Since falling ill I started struggling with food. I used to eat healthy. It is something I value a lot. I do enjoy cooking, baking, finding recipes. I do not fancy doing the dishes so much. But I would like to share with you some super-duper easy recipes. They may not be very exciting but it will be better than a bag of chips or that chocolate bar that lies in the cabinet.
While experiencing mood swings, apathy and a lot of fatigue I managed to find some way to make a meal for me with the least effort needed. Maybe you’ll enjoy it when you’re in a hurry or when you’re experiencing difficulties to practice self-care too. Oh yes, I’m a vegan. I used to be a strict vegan but now that my life is already upside down, I’ll need to figure out where that will take me. So, now to the recipe:

Sweet potato wedges

This can be an easy lunch, a snack for you or when you have company over. I eat this a lot, I mean a lot.
◊ Easy: very easy
◊ Energy: zero to none

What do you need?
• 4 average sweet potatoes (or less or more). Cut lengthwise into 4 parts. There is no need for peeling the potatoes. I clean them with a kind of brush you would use to clean champignons.
• 1 small spoon paprika powder
• some olive oil, some salt

Now, what to do?
• preheat the oven to 200°C (or 329 F)
• cover the wedges with a bit of oil and sprinkle the paprika powder over them, salt is optional
• put the wedges on an oven rack. For minimum cleaning afterwards I suggest to use baking paper and the smallest tray. Put the wedges in the oven for 35 to 40 minutes. Now it’s time for you to rest, to relax, to read a blog ….

Enjoy the wedges with some ketchup or (vegan) mayo, salsa or whatever makes you smile! ♥

unsplash-logoElla Olsson

Ok, there was no picture of just basic wedges. So when you feel fancier you can also make this 🙂

Thank you for reading!


Note: As I was thinking about making this post and maybe to make it into a small series , a nice lady gave me a like. Checking out her blog made me feel that passion for cooking again. It was a good ‘spark’. You can always have a look at her blog: tlkitchen


6 thoughts on “Easy recipes for difficult days.

  1. You’re very kind for the this shout out, thank you! I really hope that spark is just what you need to really help you push through any bad days you are up against. I use cooking as an outlet in so many ways and it is cliche to say “Cooking saved me” but it is true and I hope in some way it can do the same for you! As a side note I am a huge fan of sweet potato wedges myself!


    1. Yes they are great. They are relatively new to my country. I’ll keep the spark going by visiting your blog. It’s so nice and you can feel the love you put into it. I’ll keep you posted on my journey 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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